Pandemic Habits- What I’m Going to Keep

(originally posted on my blog)

A lot of things changed during March 2020 for us. We had virtual drinks with co-workers and virtual game nights with friends. Remote learning for the kids. Remote working for the adults. Everyone doing their best to find a quiet-ish spot in the house. We also started birthday drive-bys, and keeping disinfectants and masks in the car. We stopped going to the grocery store. The kids sadly stopped their sports. We are all sporting quarantine hair; for my son that means he let me cut his hair, but only because it was annoying him. There…

Originally published on my blog.

Not me, not reading about me.
Not me, not reading about me.

We are the main character in our own stories. We have drama, humor, plots, sub-plots, action, love and loss.

Somewhere along the way, I became the reader instead of the writer. Or at best, a secondary character watching the action. My kids became the main characters. Our trips and schedules were planned around them, and trips were decided by what would hold their interest. I made career choices based on them. We met some of our closest friends through our kids, which actually has been great. For years I documented milestones and funny moments. Who…

(originally posted on my blog,

In the last 10 minutes of yoga class when the teacher asks us to lay in corpse pose and notice our breath, I freak out. I hate that time. My mind needs something to focus on and my breath isn’t cutting it. It goes one of two ways. The list of things I should be doing instead, or a speed look at random negative incidents in my life. Most likely it will be the latter, like that girl in junior high making passive aggressive comments about me. Or that time I stumbled on a…

We adopted Biscuit from the Atlanta Humane Society when she was about 6 months old. My husband and I went there to find an addition to our family of two, not really having anything specific in mind. We just knew we wanted to bring a dog into our lives and adoption was the only way to go for us.

The Humane Society was amazing, and heart breaking. So many puppers! We fell in love with a mid-sized black dog with white socks, a white splotch on her chest and on the tip of her long, slightly crooked tail. She was…

My 9-year-old son was running with his cross country team and took a pretty bad spill, bloodying his knee, elbow, palms and bruising his side. When I picked him up his coach said, “he fell but he took it like a man and didn’t even cry.”

I looked at the coach and said, “yeah, it would have been okay if he did.”

Two minutes later I said, “Who cares if he did? Are we teaching kids to not show emotion?”

Actually, I just said that last part in my head. I’m definitely the queen of hindsight. …

That red card never got played.

I was a volunteer referee for my son’s soccer team and it was the most uncomfortable experience of my life. After the season was over I realized that when you push yourself to get just a little uncomfortable, good things can happen.

When the coach for this recreational league team said that they needed two volunteers from each team to go through referee training I thought, “great, there are at least 12 kids on this team, there will be tons of volunteers.” But no.

A few days before the deadline, the coach sent out another email with the news that…

Good things: 1. Bad things: 10

Lets be respectful. Lets be kind. Lets not say things online you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

I’m the first to admit a love for a little snark, a little sarcasm, but not at the expense of someone else. My self edit button is usually pretty quick, but once in a while that internal snarky escapes. No one is as thick skinned as they think they are. Goodness doesn’t make the news as often as the bad things though does it? For every story about a kindness done in the world, there seems to…

I don’t buy it.

Recently a friend was recounting some pains from more than 20 years ago. People she genuinely cared about and thought were her friends had really hurt her. And then everyone moved on with their lives: jobs, cross country moves, careers, relationships, cross town moves.

But do the pains go away? Or do they leave a mark?

She said that time really had healed all wounds. She was over it. The hurt from 20 years ago wasn’t there anymore and all was forgiven. She is in touch with a lot of those people from back in the…

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I’ve been told I’m sensitive.

When I was kid it was said in the same tone as ‘you’re such a jerk.’ I didn’t understand sarcasm until my 20’s, and then I really embraced it. My skin was thin and I didn’t know how to laugh at myself. Everything hurt.

“You’re so sensitive Katie.”

I was. I am. It’s been a rough few weeks and I think it’s therapeutic to write this out. Maybe someone else will feel the same way and we can start a club.

I’m extremely empathetic. My husband has told me I’m too understanding for my own…

I used to love the airport.

I used to love airports. When I was a kid it meant we were going somewhere fun. It was rare enough that it was an event, but often enough that I knew the drill. We’d play this game guessing where people were going. It never dawned on me that people might be arriving; everyone was going somewhere in my mind. Was it a family going on vacation, a person alone on an adventure? These people had no idea the adventures I had them going on. To Antarctica to take pictures of penguins. To Hawaii…

Katie Bromley

Writer. Likes travel, dark chocolate and good coffee. Believer of karma.

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