Good things: 1. Bad things: 10

Lets be respectful. Lets be kind. Lets not say things online you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

I’m the first to admit a love for a little snark, a little sarcasm, but not at the expense of someone else. My self edit button is usually pretty quick, but once in a while that internal snarky escapes. No one is as thick skinned as they think they are. Goodness doesn’t make the news as often as the bad things though does it? For every story about a kindness done in the world, there seems to be 10 about something horrible. I refuse to believe that is the actual ration of things. Good things: 1. Bad things: 10.

“Lets be kind.” It sounds a little trite doesn’t it? I say it to my kids. Usually after they just worked themselves into some name calling frenzy over who gets to be a certain lego guy. I wish I could say it to adults. I’m pretty sure it would be met with an eye roll.

So I say it in my head, and I’ll say it here. Putting forth some positiveity this morning as I drink my coffee on a Saturday morning. It’s 8am, the kids get a little tv time and I haven’t said it yet. Maybe I won’t have to today. Maybe I should just go hide that lego guy for starters.

Writer. Likes travel, dark chocolate and good coffee. Believer of karma.

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